Dodge, Ford to build Scion Fighters?

Toyota Scion has been a resounding success for the Japanese automaker since its launch in 2003. Designed to attract buyers Generation “Y”, the vehicles are popular, edgy – some would say ugly – and gave Toyota a foothold important to young buyers. GM, Ford and Chrysler are preparing to respond to Scion, but in different ways. GM plans to import more vehicles from its subsidiary Daewoo, while it is expected that Ford and Chrysler to build all new Scion fighting vehicles in Mexico, good news for motorists looking for affordable and quality vehicles. Let’s look at what’s coming.

For the record, Scion is not the only vehicle made for the Generation Y crowd Element Honda Fit subcompact and will shortly be published Scion competitors while the Chevy Cobalt, Dodge Caliper, and Saturn ION are also aimed at young drivers. That said, Dodge [Chrysler] and Ford must respond and it seems the two automakers fighters Scion line up in the next two years.

The Dodge Hornet

And here, Dodge nears completion of its plans to build the Dodge Hornet. According to industry sources, including Edmunds, the Hornet will be based on the VW Polo, a compact car built by Volkswagen and popular in the European market. This incredible offer that Volkswagen and Mercedes [a division of DaimlerChrysler, as is Dodge] compete fiercely, especially in Europe. VW has a plant in Mexico that likely will produce the Hornet as the company has excess capacity and cost advantage that no American manufacturing plant can offer. For its part, VW gets to sell rebadged versions of the Dodge Caravan minivan.

If based on the Polo, the Hornet is planned to use the 1.6 liter engine in the Polo and be coupled with a VW transmission. It also seeks the vehicle is closest in appearance to the Scion xA design, sporty five-door, five-passenger seating. Currently, the xA sells just over $ 13,000, so expect the Dodge to compete at or below the Scion price.

Ford Bronco

Do not expect Ford to sit and watch from the sidelines as the market trends toward more similar Scion vehicles. In 2004, the Ford Bronco concept, taking styling cues from the 1966 Bronco truck, made its appearance in auto shows. Now, Ford appears ready to go ahead with the Bronco also be built in Mexico.

With a square design, the Bronco will be similar in design to the xB and the Hornet and will likely be built on the existing party platform to keep costs. In fact, Ford hopes that a budget Bronco will sell for less than $ 10,000 while fighting lowest price expected imports from China and other vehicles of the Generation “Y” in the market.

Yes, wars never end cars and more battles are certain to ensue. Both Nissan Versa and with a small Toyota Yaris name will be published shortly and competition in the market before the Hornet and Bronco arrive in 2008 as a 2009 model.

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