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The first line of defense against a cycling road disaster is preparation. Motorcycle owners around the world have heard before: you can not stop accidents from happening, all you can do is prepare for her when she does. This means a lot for lovers of two wheels, they all have to do with familiar with the machinery of your machine. For the uninitiated, this can be a daunting task, but ultimately advantageous for example. While you should have your regularly monitored by professional vehicle, learn the basics of motorcycle service can save time, money, and maybe even your life.

You must have

First: buy a set of tools. Start with the basic needs and not consider the more expensive tools for specific problems, such as fuel injection synchronizers or brake bleeders. A set of socket wrenches, ratchet preferably a hex keys and assortment will be very useful in almost any situation. Although there is some variation depending on the manufacturer, all motorcycle maintenance operations need these basic tools. Regarding tires, you should always have a plug type of tire chain. This handy tool can fix a flat tire in a few steps, but to find an air compressor to fill the ground. To implement these things in your backpack or if you have them, leave enough space in your side panniers.

What you need to know

Imagine you are in unfamiliar territory, running on the highway, when the brakes begin jammed up. Or your engine will not deliver even if you just fill the gas. Whatever the scenario, you must be ready to react if there is no one else around. Good motorcycle service, however, is that it is surprisingly easy to handle on your own. The brake problem, for example, could be solved by pumping the handle until the hydraulic fluid passes through the gunky threshold. No tools. Equipped with pieces of this kind of knowledge can continue to move forward so you can get a professional to a more permanent solution. It is possible notoriety, too, most likely hidden in the owner under the manual of your seat.

What you should do

Do not be afraid to get their hands dirty during adjustment. Although these are complex machines, bikes tend to be very simple compared to cars and trucks. The best way to get the bowels of your vehicle is open and look around. As mentioned above, there are specific cases that require some tools. If you make your goal to know your bike left and right, you will be able to supply accordingly. It is highly recommended to do so.

The key, however, is to remember that performs only part of the bike service. It is not ultimately can not replace a professional when things go south. But if you stay aware of the health of your bike, you are ready to shoot the rest roadside and continue their journey.

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