Corvette ZR1 – a real piece of American automotive history

The ZR1 best known of the 1990s began meeting in early 1980 between the development team and the Corvette Group Lotus Engineering. Both entities wanted to build a new V8 engine is installed in a production line based on the limited Corvette C4 Corvette generation. The new engine, congratulated the already long list of other major differences from its predecessor, the C3, which include more than 250 pounds difference in weight, the transaxle mounted at the rear suspension and transverse leaf spring the central axis.

The aluminum block LT5 had called all the same cylinder 5.7 liters/350cu. inches, while sporting the same 4.4-inch bore centers as the engine is L98. However, there was a room for 4, 32 valve monster that makes 375 hp at 6000 rpm which, incidentally, was only 5 hp less than the popular Ferrari Testarossa. To get a better idea, just put the L98 250 hp at 4400 rpm. It was only a matter of time until everyone was happy with how the LT5 carried out and led to the production plant in England Lotus engines for Mercury Marine in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

There were some things that came out with the C4 Corvette LT5, which was codified as an option RPO ZR1 Corvette C4 base. There were the 11 inch wide rear tires, the whole body, wider doors, taillights and exhaust tips round face. The ZR1 also boasts built ZF 6-speed manual transmission and new suspension FX3 everything that was developed by Lotus Engineering. The optional package started to $ 27,000 the first year and grew rapidly to $ 31,000 in its second year, we stayed at that price for the duration of its existence.

Needless to say that the ZR1 was an immediate success and even the high price of nearly $ 60,000 to slow. The ZR1 has some solid performance figures to go along with its price. Tests on the time a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 180 mph. The ZR1 has a skidpad of.93g extraordinary output which means that this beast was going to take the curves like no business I beings and done soon. March 1990 on the track of 7.5 miles on foot. Stockton TX. The ZR1 shares took three world class files opened for both speed and endurance, 5,000 miles with an average speed of 173.791, 5000 km with an average speed of 175.710 mph and 175.885 mph 4221 miles.

In the handful of years the ZR1 has received a few different updates and improvements have continued to strengthen its overall attractiveness. Some of these changes were subtle movements and some were a bit more daring. In 1992, the badges were placed on the wings and traction control became a standard feature. Then in 1993, the cylinder heads were redesigned, with the valve train of the LT5 which eventually brought the power up to 375 to 405, while the pair to jump in a respectful way of 10 foot-pounds. However, LT5 was the first V8 in the post-contamination with over 400 horses.

Even with the improvements in energy production and all other improvements ZR1 arrested in 1995 with a total of 6939 ZR1s under construction. This was a disappointment to many as the ZR1 was just a pleasure to drive. Since its single exhaust tone that was between a Ferrari and a healthy small block V8 with exceptional processing capabilities possessed FX3 suspension, with everything else. A note worth mentioning is the 0-150 mph in less than half a minute! WOW.

Now enter the new Corvette ZR1, which has completely blown ZR1s greater in every aspect imaginable. This was expected, because even if there were a dozen years for people to GM to evoke different ideas and incredibly powerful for the new ZR1. This is the fastest production Corvette ever made. Most of the body is carbon fiber on the new ZR1 brings the animal in a paltry 3132 pounds of fun full of energy. The power plant of the new ZR1 is a 6.2 liter V8 that has all the new Eaton R2300 supercharger four lobes style estate is located on top of him. This is evident by looking through the polycarbonate window in the hood. This plant has 620 hp which is more powerful than the Viper, Ferrari 599 GTB and close to the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. However, Ferrari and Lamborghini are both more than $ 300,000, while the new ZR1 stands at just over $ 100,000.

Ultimately the new ZR1 supercar was built as a box that does not require modification of any kind. The huge 15-inch rotors + one end fully built tranny and rear of the new ZR1 is ready to take the track from day one. The new ZR1 will undoubtedly become a favorite for the lucky few who just got one.

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