Cool Runnings with a new brand of automotive lubricants

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Reduce friction between the surfaces that connect, automotive lubricants create an essential film reduces wear. Constant contact between two moving surfaces can generate a lot of heat and abrasion caused must be reduced to the machines work properly. The lubricating job is to keep the cold currents engines and works well.

New mixing technology

Automotive lubricants are analyzed and improved in order to find the most suitable combinations for specific tasks continuously. Essentially, the lubricant must have a high boiling point and low freezing point, as well as the hydraulic and thermal stability. Also critical are the ability of a lubricant to release water, corrosion of parts and resist oxidation. The new technology is encouraging mixing formulations to emerge that improve machine life and reliability.

The viscosity

Informally, the viscosity is the measure of “thickness” of a liquid. Oil is thicker than water, and automotive lubricants are at their best when the film created by the lubricant provides a solid barrier to fluid motion without losing out between the parties. The most important property of any lubricant is viscosity. Gasoline engine oils, for example, to overcome the limitations of other more general oils are specifically designed to improve performance in passenger cars, minimizing the sludge and prevent oxidation.

Performance ignition

Ignition and compression-ignition based automotive lubricants work well. A delicate balance of base oil and additives mixed many promises better performance on. According to requirements of engine ignition, these additives are a mixture of a number of families of additives. These include antioxidants, detergents, metal deactivators, friction modifiers, anti-foaming agents and other additives to improve the ignition performance.

Reliable automotive lubricants

The challenge for this century lubricant manufacturers is to understand a growing range of lubricants functions. Create mixes to meet the most demanding requirements, the lubrication industry requires constant innovation. Companies with strong research and development units are the precursors of new formulations of lubricants for Auto Repair.

Meet the demands of the industry

The automotive industry requires the creation of high value and profitability. Automotive lubricants formulated using knowledge of customers is becoming a crucial process. Manufacturers are supplied with essential information for the development of new formulations and recognize the most important role in the value chain. Incorporate additives with very fine particles – WS2 Nano technology – ensures the demand for efficient lubricants industry faces the advanced research and development.

Lubricant selection

The automotive lubricants market is increasingly demanding. Access to a growing circle of knowledge and the ability to display inferior products is driving the desire for perfection in the production of lubricants. There is an emphasis on the role of antioxidants in reducing emissions, and prolong engine life by extending the life of the lubricant. New engine lubricant specifications also influence the selection.

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