Classic ten muscle cars

Buick GSX 1970

With the popularity of films like The Fast and The Furious, Gone in Sixty Seconds and The Last Ride, there was some reference to the old muscle cars, which have been immortalized in films like Bullit, Vanishing Point and of course the dukes and many Curves This list of the ten has a look at some of the muscle car icons born since the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The main criterion of these cars is power, with power in horsepower (CV) is the most widely used term. What this means is the power released by the engine before the gearbox, generator, differential, water pump and other components know its power. If you are accustomed to Kilovatios, then take into consideration that 250kw translates 335.26bhp.

The 1969 Pontiac GTO

Conceptualized to win the appeal to the younger market, Pontiac put a 6.3-liter V8 engine in the medium-sized temporary tank, to make a cheap fast car. To the surprise of the marketing team of the Pontiac GTO became popular in 1969 and it has a V8 engine of 6.5 liters that could expel at 366bhp. Judge was born.

Buick GSX 1970

Again the idea here was to crush a beast of an engine into a medium-sized body, in this case the Buick Skylark. In 1967, the Buick GS has been recognized as an independent model available as a sedan and convertible.

The 1970 model was given a monstrous 7.5-liter engine capable of producing 400 hp. The GSX body arrived in yellow or only in white, adding to the image that made this car in a different classic.

The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

There were several options available to those who buy a first-generation Camaro, the Z28 package is the most exciting. With a 4.9 liter engine, power steering, disc brakes in the front and a four-speed manual transmission, the Z28 is designed for competition, producing up to 400 hp.

The Plymouth Roadrunner

Built to beat 14 seconds for a quarter of a mile, the Plymouth Roadrunner was stripped to the bare minimum, even sacrificing the carpet to be a beast of a machine. It featured a strengthening of steering, brakes and suspension systems and the 6.3-liter engine that pushed 335bhp. An optional boost came from the 7.0 liter 425bhp version.

The Dodge Challenger

Coming to the market in 1970, the Dodge Challenger was a success from the outset, selling more than 80,000 in the first year. Although the various options have been made available, the R / T is the model that most catches the eye with its Hemi engine running 425bhp 7.0 liters. Later models lost the plot, with the model ’72 dripping at a negligible 240bhp. See the Challenger in the classic cult movie, Vanishing Point.

The 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

Launched in 62 with a 3.6-liter V8 engine, the Ford Fairlane was rehabilitated in 1966, with a 6.4-liter engine capable of 335bhp. As if that were not enough, they decided to switch to a 7.0-liter NASCAR engine with 435 hp. Suspension rigid and front disc brakes gave the car better handling and brute power up the dial at 60 km / h in six seconds.

Oldsmobile 442

The Cutlass model was equipped with a motor capable of 310bhp source specification. The 442 refers to the carburetor four guns, four-speed manual gearbox and dual exhaust pipes. The 442 had a reputation for its handling compared to other muscle cars, thanks to the improvement of its springs, shock absorbers and the comforting safety of a stabilizer bar.

The 1968 edition was redesigned as a well-formed coupé, with a 390bhp 7.5-liter blasting unit.

Plymouth Barracuda

Although the Barracuda was launched in 1964, just weeks before the Ford Mustang, it was not until 1970 that Plymouth gained more popularity with attractive lines and a serious growl under the hood in the form of a 390bhp 7.2-liter. The other option was a small Hemi 7.0 liter block that hit some extra power at 425bhp!

Even with a revamped suspension, the power was so much that the ‘Cuda earned a reputation for tough handling.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1970

The 1965 Chevelle SS was amused by a 6.5-liter 375bhp pushing block, which was too much for the front of the car, which makes for a rather awful handling. Fortunately, this was discussed with the suspension revamp and the addition of disc brakes in the front.

1969 saw the introduction of the upper engine specification, which was featured on the Camio The pick-up as well. The 1970 SS was powered by a 7.4-liter V8 with 450bhp pulling Chevelle at 100km / h in just six seconds. The following models were tuned for unleaded fuel and power has suffered a lot.

Dodge charger

Bo Duke and of choice, the charger was launched in 1966 and some 37,000 cars were sold in the first year. A 7.0 liter Hemi responded ejected around 500bhp, although it was officially rated at 425bhp. This monster has reached 100 km / h in just five and a half seconds. The Hemi engine option was available until 1972.

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