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Care instructions and maintenance for your dirt bike during winter season

The winter season can get the loose side in most of the world. However, before you are ready to relax and enjoy the cold season in the comfort of your home, if you are a fan of dirt bike, you must take precautions to make sure your bike is adequately protected and this winter is […]

What are the advantages of motorcycles Cargo?

Three motorcycle wheel loads are a versatile equipment to simplify the manufacturing process of a wide range of deliveries. With a top speed of 25-80 kilometers per hour, these bikes have the ability to cover a lot of ground while traveling in the most compact and manoeuvrable vehicle. This type of vehicle is sure to […]

5 Questions to ask before buying a bike

Every person in this world, love of course to have a bicycle. However not everyone can afford. However, once a person can afford it, he or she takes the next step to go ahead and make the big purchase. There are some basic questions you need to answer for yourself before making this important purchase. […]

New Kia – Soul From Seoul

The first thing that strikes you about the Kia Soul is how it looks like a child that has been designed by a hyperactive , caffeine addict, toy victim of Attention Deficit Disorder . The idea behind the aesthetic design is obviously Kia tried to avoid feeling bored and cheap that many people have of […]

8 Facts you should know about Lamborghini

Lamborghini , or Automobili Lamborghini SpA as it ‘s officially called , produces some of the most exciting words in sports cars . Some of the newer Lamborghini models are the Countach , the Diablo , the Gallardo and the Murcielago . Fact 1 : Lamborghini is named after the founder of the company Ferruccio […]

Exotic Classic Sports Cars – The only Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo . The name is pure magic . Few cars are sexier than a Lamborghini. Even Batman leads to , the Murcielago LP640 Coupe in The Dark Knight. The engine noise was unmistakable , as they passed through the streets of Gotham City. Of course it was a convertible and, of course , Bruce […]

The history of Suzuki GT250 Including the X7

The GT250 Suzuki has launched in Japan in 1971, was essentially a successor and an enhanced version of the Suzuki T250. However, the difference between the two bicycles are limited to their respective names. The letter “G” was added to the T250 model to represent a modernized version of the old bike. The additional component […]

The history of Suzuki GT 750

Suzuki GT 750 was first introduced to the public at the 17th annual Tokyo Motor Show in October 1970. Within a year, was launched in Japan and has been known to be a sport bike-tour. This model was developed by the likes of the Suzuki T500 with the nickname of “the pot” in Britain and […]

Moko Lesney Matchbox – Aral Tanker – The Association of Matchbox Toys and Aral history

The association between Matchbox Toys and Aral AG, Germany Gasoline chain began in 1966 and lasted 15 years. During this period some Aral brand sexy models were produced. These toys were Matchbox for sale in Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. They were considered normal downloads, promotional models and are sold […]

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