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Model railway train items History

Take a tour of model trains manufacturers of the major railroads. The first manufacturer we see is the Society of Model Railroad Atlas. Atlas was founded in Newark, New Jersey. in 1924 by Mr. Stephan Schaffan The company name was the company Atlas tool. Schaffan Stephen Jr. went to work in 1933 by the tool […]

The miniature train Ho – large scale for all tastes

The railway train HO model size is the most popular among fans. HO form for the first time in the 1930s in the UK, but stood up very well against the competition of the already popular and widely used scale 00. HO scale became popular in the U.S. in the 1950s, when the miniature train […]

Hornby Railways through the Ages

Back Hornby Railways roots “for 1901, when Frank Hornby, a clerk from Liverpool, invented and patented line of construction toys Meccano. He had previously created model toys for his son using sheet metal, and concluded that regular perforations in structural pieces could be used to unite them with the nuts and bolts, as well as […]

Bachmann Model Trains – The Global Leader

Bachmann brand is the leading supplier by volume of trains in the world. The company specializes in railway systems and low cost but high quality entry level for the mass market.

Gauge trains model

The S-scale, also known as S-gauge model trains for is designed in the ratio of 1:64 [c.-à-3/16 inch = 1 foot] and placed between the popular and HO O. miniature train. He met the demands of a scale that was larger than HO [which was considered too small by many model railroaders], but smaller than […]

The History of Lionel Trains

The founder of Lionel trains was Joshua Lionel Cowen. Born in 1877, as a child Joshua was more interested in playing with mechanical toys to go to school. In 1899, he patented a device that is used by photographers to bring the flash powder dry batteries to heat a wire fuse. Cowen later used a […]

How to Start Model Trains

Have you ever wondered where they come from model trains? Discover the history behind this great hobby. Each employee of the railway can remember your first train. This is the beginning of his love that never get old. There are many different entries in this hobby only, but have you ever wondered about the history […]

Tests change locomotives 1948

Shortly after the railways were nationalized in 1948, the then newly formed British Railways Board (BRB) conducted a review of the actions of the locomotive which had been inherited from the four major railroads independent. It soon became clear that the overall stability of steam locomotives, including a variety of different types, many of whom […]

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