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Cruise Styles and Differences

A cruise ship are ships whose only purpose is leisure and recreational holidays on the water. The cruise industry continues to grow rapidly and more and more of them are more specialized. This affects the design aesthetics of the ship, the materials from which they are built, the size and functionality, the team is on […]

Model Ship from antiquity to present

Boat models are replicas of a reduced size boat history, from antiquity to the present day. Model boats have played a vital role in building real ships. Model ship builders pass the full model for construction workers of their ships at appropriate scales. In a sense, the old model builders have built their models for […]

What you should know about boat models-What and where it all began?

Model boat goes back to antiquity and is as old as shipbuilding. Model ships are scale representations of different types of ships or boats. They can range in size from miniature to scale in direct vessel size. Real drawings of the vessel of origin, are often used and the major programs instead of using the […]

Beautiful models of historic ships

“A sailboat is the most beautiful thing that man did.” Anyone who has ever seen a tall ship of the court will agree on the airwaves. As impressive as the sight of a ship at sea may be, many people are fascinated by the models of historic ships, too. Since ancient times, ships have not […]

The history of inflatable rubber boats – From high performance inflated skins

The first use of modern inflatable boats began in mid-1800, but the history of inflatable boats goes back much further. In fact, indigenous tribes around the world have, in past centuries, sought to use animal skins and inflated bladders to keep them afloat in the water. These were more like the real boats rafts, but […]

Sailing in 1800

History of Marina turns with different labels that characterize the use of vessels and / or style. In mid-1800 to early 1900 was called with a little affection, as the golden age of sail or the golden age of sailing ships. Sailboats in the 1800 ara all seven seas for freight transport.

Models – the construction of ship models from the past past and present

Ships are a model of a boat full screen repeat history from antiquity to the present. Models played a key role in building real ships. Manufacturers of model ships that pass the full model workers so they can build their ships at appropriate scales.

Boat and History of Ship Construction – The real story revealed

Shipbuilding and shipbuilding can be traced far back that no evidence of their existence even before the story began recording. Of course there is the process by which a ship or boat is under construction. This is the participation of a number of people and also a large square area for the construction of the […]

Ships of the Civil War

During the Civil War, both Union military and the Confederation was better known in history for their technological advances in shipbuilding instead of its military strategy For its time, the USS Monitor represented technology and was the mother of the screen, a shallow draft boat that is mounted under water is a difficult target for […]

Transport of history and how it became possible to automatically send

The history of everything that makes a fascinating study because it provides students with knowledge like no other subject can. There is a story written about everything that happened in this world we live in, most of the most eminent scholars of his day. The story we can learn important lessons while traveling in another […]

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