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vespa belt

Changing the Vespa V-Belt

After some use, the scooter will begin to need basic maintenance done. V-Belt replacement Vespa is just one of many things that must be done after a few thousand miles. Part of the time, this is not always the case and things go haywire much longer. If anything, a V-Belt scooter eventually break leaving stranded […]

Mercedes Benz

Electric cars are the wave of the future – Not so fast, I say

Of course, there is a lot of hype about electric cars, Tesla and insurance has made a success in the scene with their electric cars high valuable technology – incredible vehicles in all aspects. Toyota Prius showed that is in demand in the US and other similar hybrid technology in the world. Yet we have […]

car smog

Respect smog inspections led to cleaner air

The first program of “smog” in the US He was held in 1984. It began with the Clean Air Act of 1970. Since then, laws have evolved to deal with the science of pollution and the problem more increasingly global carbon emissions. Smog is a term air pollution that looks like a mixture of smoke […]

2013 Volkswagen Jetta

Versus traditional electric car motors

According to the EPA, most greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and trucks. In recent years, gas transportation is the second largest contributor. average visit the United States is about 20 miles, which corresponds to 0.01 metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted by a single trip. Although seemingly small, it adds up quickly throughout the […]

auto transmission

Why is the world opt for the automatic transmission?

Customers worldwide are increasingly opting to purchase vehicles with automatic transmission, compared to those with manual transmissions. Gone are the days when customers had to learn the largely technical cars maneuver manually. The revolution caused by the automatic transmission is simply immense. Not only has it allowed automakers to remove the cars clutch pedal but […]


The benefits of battery maintenance VRLA

The use of larger batteries are increasing, with backup power demand for more devices more and more. No matter if there is a connection to a reliable electrical grid or not, there are some areas where constant power availability is absolutely crucial and risks from planned power outage is not huge. Although the use of […]

What to consider when in need of a new marine engine

What factors must be considered before making a final decision on which engine to use? Let’s take a look at some of the main considerations that have to do when buying a new marine engine. How many horses? The amount of power you want to have your marine engine usually depends on a number of […]

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

Today I am writing about CNG or “natural gas vehicles”. I always had a fascination for cars and engines. When I was at Cal Poly in the 90’s, I chose Natural Gas Vehicles like about my main project. I took my little Toyota pickup and converted to run on natural gas. I am able to […]

An oil guide engine and hybrid vehicle

Hybrid vehicles are now more popular than they have ever been, and most of the new owners of these cars are confused. They wonder if they have to comply with reasonable standards of car care, or to treat their new cars with gloves. This has become a particular problem as regards the simple oil changes […]

3 steps to create a perforated filter motorcycle exhaust tube

Fewer things in the world are more satisfying than a deep guttural growl of a powerful motorcycle. Whether you’re dealing with a business 450cc 1100cc motorcycle or bicycle, to the exhaust pipe to the right, it can really improve performance and sound. This is not to mention how a bike is an exhaust gas shiny […]

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