Carl Fisher leaves behind a legacy rich in history and automotive Speedway

One hundred years ago, Carl Fisher had a vision of building a proof “to establish the supremacy of the American car.” His dream, with the help of four other investors, has become the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Today we see the circuit as the stage for exciting racing. In 1909, however, was the site where car manufacturers can also demonstrate and test their vehicles to the public. At that time, the car was a luxury few people could afford. However, Fisher understands the future of the car and I wanted to help them move forward.

His interest in cars is the result of their activity as a cyclist. As the fashion of the bike of the decade from 1890 was stopped in the turn of the century, another form of transport took place – the car. Fisher and his friends soon became involved in motorsport. It also opened one of the first car dealers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Demonstrated its promotional value, with a few tricks that catch the eye. For example, Fisher attached to their cars in a hot air balloon and it flew in downtown Indianapolis.

He moved more in the automotive industry when he and Allison James began to manufacture and market systems, compressed acetylene headlights for automobiles in 1904. His company Prest-O-Lite prospered, and in 1913 Union Carbide bought the company for $ 9 million.

Allison Fisher and his new wealth invested separately in other companies. But they also share the costs of what the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in life. In 1908, received 320 acres for $ 72 000, has three other partners, and created the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race cars were the first in August 1909 with the first Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day 1911.

Fisher then channeled their advocacy skills in a problem that has been plagued for decades – travelers bad roads. On September 1, 1912, announced his plan for a transcontinental route between New York and San Francisco. The result became the Lincoln Highway, which helped to encourage communities across the country to build better roads for automobile travel.

He also played in the development of the Dixie Highway to tie the Midwest to the South. At the southern end, offers a winter playground in the middle of a mangrove forest. After an important development and a decade of work, this region has become Miami Beach. Although the developed area, financial situation defeated the stock market crash of 1929.

Although Fisher died almost penniless around a decade later, he left a rich legacy in the history of the automobile.

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