Care instructions and maintenance for your dirt bike during winter season

The winter season can get the loose side in most of the world. However, before you are ready to relax and enjoy the cold season in the comfort of your home, if you are a fan of dirt bike, you must take precautions to make sure your bike is adequately protected and this winter is stored.

To ensure that your trip will be ready to go when the snow begins to melt, follow these helpful dirt bike care advice, maintenance and storage:

If the car has a carburetor, empty the tank, fuel lines and carburetor bowl. To do well, keep the gas cap completely for 24 hours to dry everything. Otherwise, there will be an excess of fuel. This becomes sticky and usually only ends the blockade of the jets, of course, can affect the efficiency of the operation or performance of your bike.

Remove the old oil. Over time, the oil changes an engine running from a clean fluid, golden color with dirty, black mud. In a few months, “the pollutants in the waste oil can corrode parts of the engine and cause serious damage. As such, do not forget to change the oil plug and filter before storing your trip this winter season to avoid problems later position.

Consider running the bike for a few minutes every week. Following this advice, you prevent fuel “asleep” and if the bike rev several times a week, the fuel would of course through the jets and this will keep the jets clean all winter.

Caring for bicycle tires. If possible, keep your bike with the wheels off the ground. This should take the weight of the wheels is the best way to avoid flat spots or uneven wear. If this is not possible, fill your tires to the maximum recommended volume put your ride on the center stand, and turn the front wheel, once a week to keep airplanes away points.

Wash, dry and wax your dirt bike before storing. In general, the metal on his motorcycle tends to accumulate moisture, which can easily cause rust if your dirt bike should be used for a long period of time. Wash, dry and wax your dirt bike before storing for the winter will help prevent corrosion and other damage.

Finally, if you have a bike with batteries, make sure to keep the battery charge. You can remove the battery, but this may be too much work for you. As such, just charge the battery every week as long as the bike starts to prevent fuel sleep.

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