Car logo evils

It is not fair . Car is broken and it is an ugly sight , scratches and foot marks , but only the damage is , it makes one hundred twenty-five U.S. dollars hood ornament . Having a car insurance deductible is five hundred dollars really a terrible thing when it comes to this type of damage to your vehicle . His psyche has a success too. Your brain wanders into scenarios that can defend themselves somehow, and after a while to come up with a short answer to park the car in the garage and leave it there forever , it is difficult to do.

This scenario is not isolated , but in the world , logos of the cars are a hot ticket , and people go through all kinds of fluctuations possess. If you can imagine, the main reason for the holdup is decorated with the emblem of a string or as the centerpiece of a belt buckle . It is for the sake of having jewelry , possession of a status symbol , a piece of Russian high society that communicates self-indulgence , should be a motivator for earthly pleasures obtained in the same way. The masses are masses follow and reproduce the same for themselves causing more pressure to trivialize the object to be replaced in the car manufacturer ‘s identification and marking. I have to pay the amount ?

How did we get here?

How did we come to see ourselves as the need for a chain around the neck with car logos attached to them ? Seriously , is there a better way to say that you have done with the emblem of a car and attach it to the neck ? I like Jaguar and Mercedes , but taking the hood ornament and make jewelry is not chic. Are you make a social statement ? Get over it and do something for yourself .

Car Logos , who would have thought it would be so popular? The next time you ‘re in town , see the number of people find that sported this type of jewelry and remember it could be your hood ornament around their necks .

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