Build your own electric car – 7 Things You Must Do

Are you tired of spending too much money on gas? Are you concerned about the effect of smoke from cars with the environment? Want a project that can help you save money and help the environment at the same time? So here’s the perfect project for you – build your own electric car!

“But how I can do?” You might ask. Do not worry. Here is a guide on how the basics of building your own electric car.

Step 1: Learn about cars and car theory.

Before starting any project, whether as simple as making an album or as complicated as creating a computer program, you must do one thing: the investigation. You should know what you’re gonna do, what to expect, what is needed, and all that.

Whether he’s going to build your own electric car. Research on how cars work and how they work. Go online and join forums where you can interact with other manufacturers of electric cars. You will learn a lot, even with just an hour of research. It will also be a good investment for buying manuals or guides on converting energy from the regular car. There are many resources available for sale online.

Step 2: Installing a donor car.

After you have done your research, the next step is to find out which car converted. There are many factors to consider when placed in the donor car that best suits convert – your travel needs, space rental, speed, weight and even the age of the car.

First, ask yourself, out of those who will use the converted vehicle – is supposed to be a family car or car couples or just for your own pleasure? Considering this will help you decide on the space you want to allocate not only passengers but also for other parts and car needs.

So how do you travel every day? Remember that electric cars are powered by batteries. This means that you need to think about battery life when traveling. It’s not like a normal car where you can only take the next gas station and fill the tank when the needle hits empty; with electric cars, you need to charge the battery for a specific period of time.

Two important things to consider when choosing a donor car are its weight and age. Experts advise on cars to be lighter. In terms of age, it is advisable to stay away from cars that are old, over 10 years or are new and exotic. This has something to do with the acquisition of parts. Just as new and exotic vehicles older may be difficult or impossible to find parts to interact. They may also require that a specific brand of a party can be hard to find. To avoid the hassle, better stick with the car with interchangeable parts like Toyota and others.

Step 3: order parts or buy a conversion kit.

Once you have decided on your choice of vehicle, you can start looking for the parts you need to build your own electric car. But if you want to save time and effort, you can request a conversion kit online. This kit includes most of the parts you need for your project. Some traders also accept requests for assistance in assembling the parts you need; all you have to do is coordinate with them your specifications. Get a conversion kit is a good idea, especially for beginners, because you receive items that are selected by those who have the knowledge, if not the experience, the electric car conversion.

Step 4: Remove the old elements.

After ordering, make sure you know when the parts are available are counted. This is important so that after starting the removal process, you can immediately put in new parts.

Removing the engine, exhaust, tanks, fuel lines, and others may take some time. You can also take a lot of effort, since it will be lifting and carrying and securing of heavy pieces so you can call for backup.

Step 5: Clean the vehicle.

Before putting new parts, make sure your vehicle is clean and free of grease. This is where you can start washing their car seats and carpets. You can also make some adjustments and minor paint your car.

Step 6: Install new parts.

Installing new parts will take longer because it will take precision and accuracy. Cables electrical installation and other important connections made not only ruin your new car parts in the process. We recommend that beginners have someone to help with this complex scenario.

Step 7: Test your newly converted electric car.

After all the hard work, you can now give it a try and see if it is ready for the road.

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