Buick Muscle Cars

Most people never would imagine Buick as a major market player Muscle Car. However, times of Buick muscle cars in the 1970s and 1980s have been among the fastest around and are now among the most sought.

In the 1960 Buick decided to create their own performance car after the success of the Pontiac GTO. The Gran Sport share the same grounds as the GTO and Chevy Chevelle. But then, every GM division continues to produce its own engines. GS received 400 cubic inch engine Buick Wildcat, it was a little bigger and produces more torque than 389 cubic inch Pontiac engine. However, the GTO was even faster because the OS was a little beaver and had a little more comfort features that appealed to the more mature customers Buick. Never keep, Buick engineers set to work on this disparity, and in 1970, the Grand Sport was a master artist. Motor Trend magazine said Phase I GSX 455 fastest car they had ever tasted before. It was a fast car, and wild paint schemes available which was a car that has received attention within and outside the racetrack.

Buick made a repetition in the 1980s with the Buick Grand National. The market for medium muscle car was completely empty with most manufacturers producing front-wheel drive cars. Buick has changed this farce for Regal turbo V6 in black and redefined the market again. This car has become one of the most dangerous cars of the 80 During the last year of production, Buick GNX added the option. This highly modified version resulted in one of the fastest cars of the decade. The car was even faster than the Corvette that probably bothers some Chevrolet engineers. The car has never been a big seller, but it has done wonders for the Buick image and brought a lot of potential to the showrooms customers.

In many ways, these cars are the poster children for movement muscle car. They were quick, were medium and rose in any crowd. What experience owning one of these animals had to be!

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