Buick LaCrosse: Bridging the Generation Gap

Made available in three trim levels ranging from the CX to the CXS, LaCrosse sports four doors and has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of six passengers in its cabin. It is a luxury sedan Buick. When introduced, this sedan has a 3.8-liter V6 engine standard. This may take up to 20 miles per gallon in city driving and 30 mpg, while some on the road. LaCrosse is known and marketed in Canada as the Buick Allure. This vehicle has replaced Buick actually two cars on the market that was the Buick Century and Buick Regal.

Buick has created and designed the Buick LaCrosse in order to bridge the gap between the younger and older generation and the new generation. It is precisely by the fact that most Buick owners were older generations with the average age of about 68 years. With the Buick LaCrosse, the company also intends to target a younger age group. This is due to the new design, fresher and younger and characteristics of this sedan. This vehicle has curved lines appear to converge.

This vehicle has a major gateway for easy entry and exit. It has a wide range of edge and flat containing an integrated console. The Buick LaCrosse instruments are well designed and very easy to read. This gives the driver an easy time to know the statistics of his conduct and performance of the vehicle. Adding comfort and convenience are a dual zone climate control, an information center for the driver and a tilt and telescoping steering wheel. The redesigned Buick LaCrosse is coupled with a new powerful engine. New levels of comfort, tranquility and totally responsive handling.

The Buick LaCrosse boasts of a collection of features that adds to your comfort, performance and handling. The list includes new disc brakes on all four wheels, front air bags standard two phases, a safety and security of OnStar standard controller, MP3 player available remote start system installed at the factory is the first cars and Buick, side head curtains, air conditioning, air filtration system, convenience, cargo net, carpets, cruise control, electric defogger, power door locks keyless entry, LATCH system, interior lighting, day and manuals night mirrors, a system remote vehicle start, power windows, sunroof, noise dampeners are strategically placed, safety belts, system lock, adjustable steering column tilt wheel and power windows.

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