Beautiful models of historic ships

“A sailboat is the most beautiful thing that man did.” Anyone who has ever seen a tall ship of the court will agree on the airwaves. As impressive as the sight of a ship at sea may be, many people are fascinated by the models of historic ships, too.

Since ancient times, ships have not only been used for transport, but also a demonstration of power and domination. Even the Egyptian pharaohs have designed their glasses are very nice. Beautiful model ships of that era have been found as grave goods in tombs of the pharaohs in the pyramids. They are found in museums today as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

On ships in the Mediterranean at that time were used by all people travel, transportation and war. Until the advent of Viking ships across northern Europe (including several vessels were found and are now displayed in museums in Norway and Denmark), the development of marine technology can be evaluated only a few old fresh records, seals and other visuals.

Contemporary models of boats survived the period just after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Many of them were votive ships in churches that had been given, as an expression of gratitude for the success or travel disaster.

Sites in the 17th century began to make accurate models before starting the actual construction of ships (called Admiralty models when it was built for the navy of English). Based on these models, properties, equipment and use of vessels were discussed between clients and shipyards. At the same time serves as a scale model during construction. Many models of shipyards French and English of that period still exist and are displayed in museums. From that moment, there seems to be a growing popularity of model ships, as an object of decorative art.

Today, the boat is a hobby of modeling generalized, facilitated by the easily accessible literature on the development of naval technology and the history of many famous ships. Many fans who either want to buy a ship model or build one themselves, will seek help and other Internet offerings. High in the desire for modellers are photos that show a particular ship model in many pictures and perspectives.

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