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Reasons to Buy a Scooter
Scooters are becoming the vehicle of choice for more and more people these days, men and women alike. However, you may still be hesitating when it comes to deciding whether buying one is a good decision for you. Here are some reasons you may wish to buy a scooter.

Fuel Efficient

Scooters cost less than most cars, and they will save you money in the long run in the cost of fuel. As gas prices continue to soar, a scooter is a reasonable choice because it requires so much less fuel than any other motor vehicle.


Because scooters require and use less fuel, you’ll be doing your part to cut down on oil use if you drive a scooter. Scooters also produce fewer emissions than cars and other vehicles, which is obviously better for air quality and cuts down your carbon footprint.

Cool Factor

Yes, scooters are gaining in popularity and becoming more acceptable. However, they’re still not the normal, everyday mode of transportation. Because they are socially acceptable vehicles these days, you’ll look hip to be driving your scooter to work. Think of it as a conversation piece. Plus, it’s just fun.


It costs less in gas, yes, but a scooter also is a more affordable initial investment than a car. Even the fanciest of scooters or vintage models cost significantly less money than the economical of automobiles. So if you’re short on funds, buying one of these babies just makes sense.

Easy Parking

Finding a place to park your scooter is usually pretty easy. Depending on local parking ordinances, you may be able to find a spot on the sidewalk to store yours. Plus, parking is a cinch with a scooter. There will be no more worry about whether you can fit in certain spaces or dealing with the aggravation of poorly designed lots. You’ll be sliding in and out of parking spaces so easily, you’ll never want to go back to driving a car.

Parts Availability

Like cars, scooters do require parts and maintenance. Retailers like Battery Wholesale carry parts for scooters, as well as cars, so getting them up and running is no problem. You’ll find scooter parts are relatively easy to come by.

Scooters have so many advantages over other types of vehicles. It’s no wonder people are turning to them as their chosen mode of transportation these days.

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