Bachmann Model Trains – The Global Leader

Bachmann brand is the leading supplier by volume of trains in the world. The company specializes in railway systems and low cost but high quality entry level for the mass market.

Bachmann was founded in 1833 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a manufacturer of toiletries, such as umbrella handles, ivory combs, and walking stick handles. The company has evolved in recent years and, after World War II, began manufacturing its line of U.S. kits to make additions Plasticville accessories, as well, such as houses, shops and other buildings, layout of trains thumbnails. In mid-1960, Bachmann began to manufacture N scale (HO scale came a few years later) a freight train. Soon, the company became known for packing their cars in jewel cases.

Seeing a decline in demand for miniature train, the owners of the company in 1981 decided to sell the company to the Group Kader (Kader Holdings Co. Ltd.), a Hong Kong manufacturer of plastic electronics, and Bear toys and model trains. Kader used to expand worldwide brand. Since 1992, all models of trucks are made in China.

In 1990, Bachmann entered the segment of large-scale model train industry, with G scale train sets called major carriers. Its railway G scale the most famous is that of Emmett Kelly Jr. Circus Train, which first appeared in 1993. The entire train, with its special design the cars and animals in the cage, quickly became a collector’s item.

Bachmann has introduced its “spectrum” of online high-quality material in 1988. Spectrum has updated the drivers for equipment, design more realistic and detailed than standard products of the company.

Since 2006, the company focused on the implementation of a CNC control (“CDC”) system in their products. To do this, Bachmann has partnered with German company Lenz Elektronik GmbH. All trains are DCC Bachmann.

Today, the company offers trains on the following scales: HO, N, O, On30, and what they call the large scale.

Bachmann is one of the oldest manufacturers and most respected of the scale locomotives railway model in the world. His reputation has grown steadily, while many of its competitors have gone bankrupt. His well-earned reputation is based on constant attention to detail commitment to a high level. By all indications, Bachmann is here to stay in model railroading. Whoever wants to your center or your collection of brand Bachmann trains can not go wrong in the long run.

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