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Have you thought about what fun it is to just go for a walk? In my youth, it was what I was doing, cars and motorcycles driving through the canyons sports, and went on the road: Travel by the pleasure of doing so. Today, fuel costs and time constraints, traffic and all traffic regulations take all the fun of it. In the future, we, the real drivers could be a thing of the past, and not all will be required to be driven or flown around everywhere (in flying cars) for about robotics in an autonomous car.

In fact, you can not own a car at all, and we shall call (flying car) car when we need to travel. Speak, because there are people busy planning this future now.

In fact, the International Forum of the OECD Transport recently launched an interesting research paper; “System Update for urban mobility – How shared self-driving cars could change the city traffic”, and research predicts that a fully integrated standalone transport system in a city would eliminate the need for the 80% parking spaces on the street, and move everyone around with only 10% of cars. In addition, passengers are more miles, but make it more efficient and daily to go to work would be easy and little or no traffic in and out of cities.

Of course, the study also notes that things change over time, there will be challenges and optimum efficiency that would not be much better than without independent transportation. However, once fully integrated, the benefits would be like night and day. We can already see some of the challenges such a recent car accident between an independent and a car driven by a human pilot in Nevada, it is the car with the driver had human guilt.

AI is better than our autonomous vehicles will be safer, and people will ask that prevent more than 20,000 deaths in cars every year in the USA .. Of course, abandon our vehicles, especially for us pure and hard riders who like really our cars and driving, it will be difficult to sell. Some people will be happy to cede control of a robotic car just free time playing on their personal technological devices and save on stress. Imagine the chaos among us drivers and those who, at least initially, the owners of cars or Uber-like autonomous vehicles fleets companies ready and willing self-rich to pick you up and take you anywhere you can afford to go? Please consider all this and think on it.

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