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Originally automotive art was either advertising or design sketches created in the offices of the major automakers. However, over the years some of the artists emerged that are dedicated to the artistic creation of the automobile for car enthusiasts and art. This group tends to artistic realism, because it is the buyer’s preference. Car Art Buyers have more enthusiasm for the automobile as art so prefer realism, because they want to be able to recognize the vehicle. Some of these artists have graduated from prestigious colleges of art, while others are self-taught.

George Vrastaminos Australian artist born in Australia but his parents are Greek. Car Drawing was once the youngest. Despite having muscular dystrophy, took courses in drawing and architecture. However, now devotes his time to painting cars and classic motorsport. It is self-taught and works with a brush and five basic colors. He worked in Dubai and has produced the poster contest Villa d’Este in Europe.

Alexey Stroganov worked as chief designer of both Aeroflot and Siberia in flight magazines. He studied art at the Moscow Pedagogical University and graduated in 1993. Stroganov specializes in classic and hot rod cars. His work has appeared in national and international exhibitions.

Lima is home to Santiago Dancourt well spent thirty years of living in the Caribbean. Born in Lima in 1953, began his full-time career in art in 1996. Works with both acrylic on canvas or watercolor paper. Its main purpose is to Formula One and Latino American pilots.

Maurizio Corbi is Sermoneta, Italy. He was born in 1960 and developed an early interest in cars and drawing. In the eighties, Maurizio began entering design competitions and has been used by the aerospace company. However, his real love was so many cars in 1987, after having communicated with the great Italian design firms Corbi started working with Bertone. At the same time, began to show classic cars using markers. He has exhibited in Milan, Turin and Genoa, Italy, Curitiba, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mexico.

Saleel Pathare is a computer engineer based in India. However, in the late ’80s, he began to paint and draw cars. Works on paper and canvas art in acrylic. His specialty is car racing.

Olaf Robrecht Although born in Germany, has lived in Canada for the past eight years. He had already started his own studio and has been used by leading corporations before receiving his diploma in art and design and illustration. In 1995, he worked on the drafting of the international art magazine and in 2003 was promoted to editor. During the late 90 Olaf worked mainly on the team and his work has won international recognition. Then in 2005, he began working in acrylic on canvas. Most of his paintings were commissioned by car owners worldwide.

All these international artists participating in a pioneering field before 80 did not exist, but it is becoming important in art.

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