Antique Lionel Trains – A-Train Lionel Will Never Die

A quick look on eBay or another online auction site shows that there is interest in collecting old Lionel and other trains in the first half of the twentieth century. In the U.S., the iconic brands of the 20th century, as Lionel and American Flyer, Ives with less known and Boucher are the most coveted. In Europe, Bing and Marklin, while Hornby O gauge models of tin glorious years from 1930 to 1950 high prices in the market for old trains. Reasons for train collectors pursuing these relics must not be more difficult to understand why people collect old story: memories of crafts, happy just once, or as a safe investment inflation. We all know that anything old money just keep moving in one direction, right?

To start, newcomers in the area of ??collection must be aware that there are two types of “the old model train set” there. This is the real deal and are not reproductions of antique Lionel trains new being made by a number of specialized companies. Let us briefly examine this second type of “old” first. Locomotives and rolling stock are usually made to order in limited quantities and be exact replicas of the originals are not cheap. Perhaps it is best to put them in the case of the spirit and beauty of the bronze medal in hand, everything about lust in the world of model railroad classic. Do you want to retain the value of your purchase price? Hard to say. We just need to take a “wait and see.”

My My, Hey Hey … What should I pay?

What about genuine antiques? They are probably a safer bet. Interestingly, the original articles of old Lionel trains are not always expensive stratosphere. Much depends on the relative rarity of the item and condition. So a perfect example preferably in its original box will always send more than one less virgin. This rarity, condition and integrity are the three main parameters that govern prices. At the time of this writing, a look on ebay revealed the cars of the 20s and 30s who go between $ 20 – $ 50 per item. There was also a complete set in the 1920 box, made of nuts, three cars and the track with a starting price of $ 1999.

The king is gone but not forgotten …

Cans, Lionel trains, once the undisputed leaders of steel rails in miniature in the United States, ceased production in 1969. These old, if the reproduction or the elderly can never really compete in the retail or performance with what I call the Neil Young-products of the era of Lionel, the super detailed and quite expensive – S trains track sold since the reorganization and recapitalization of the company Lionel LLC. But that’s not what this is all about, right? Like all other collectibles in the ancient world, old Lionel trains are warm and fuzzy memories, nostalgia for a bygone era and a real affection for the appearance of tinplate trains: the stock and trade routes iron model before the era of super detail, HO gauge introduced in the 1960s.

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