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For a long time, limos enjoyed a lot of celebrity status they have tried. We can all think of some social events to connect, some celebrities we can imagine traveling in one of them, and somewhere we’ll probably see one. Despite these vehicles as they are more accessible, we always think of them with a level of fear, because of their glorious history. We are talking about one of the original limousines, the American Stretch Limousine.

Let’s start with the name. The first limo looked very different from the one we know today. The car was a box-shaped compartment where passengers sit and an outdoor area where the driver sits, which was covered summit. It was the time when he had his name. Limousine word is derived from the name of the French region of Limousin, because the area of ​​interior handling resembled the hooded layer worn by shepherds.

In 1928, the first “extensible limousine” was made in Arkansas. The name was given based on its particular form of the usual form of cars these days. An interesting fact is that at the time they have used these vehicles to transport the music bands, because they did not have enough space to store their equipment! That’s why, at that time, they were also called “large bus groups”.

Since then, these limos have been used by the rich and famous. US leaders would travel in limousines, informing the public that a person of importance was on the highways. The elites of society travel in these different functions and public events. The limousine has become a favorite in Hollywood as well. In fact, if we think of old movies, one of the ways to show a big corporation, a man or a woman, was to indicate the route in a limousine. Like these movies, this car is now also a classic.

These days, people can hire these beauties and enjoy the charm of the past they have seen in movies. Because of all the space available, it can carry at least twenty people at a time. The stylish interiors and superior comfort it offers adds to its popularity. With the advancement of technology, these cars are now out of date, with systems for music and entertainment units. They come in different colors, which can be both elegant and fun. There are many rental companies that offer these limos for the common man, at more affordable prices. Professional drivers are provided, to eliminate the stress of driving these cars out of your mind. You are allowed to take advantage of the machine.

Many other automobile manufacturing companies have already modified their existing limousines to integrate into the “stretch” category. These include distinguished names like stretch SUV limousine and Hummer limousine. So now you can choose your limousine and enjoy the luxury of driving in one of the most respected cars in the world.

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