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With a history of production of aircraft engines and military vehicles, car and Alvis Engineering Company Ltd has also generated a line of cars from 1919 to 1967 Alvis. With headlights, tires with different characteristics, and a sexy body, Alvis cars is believed that the name of a mythological character of Nordic culture. Over time, a variety of vehicles have been produced under the name of Alvis, which included the Alvis Speed ??20 Tourer 1932. Alvis Firefly and Alvis Firebird 12.

The history of Alvis cars

Originally, the cars became known as Alvis was a product of TG John and Co. Ltd., which was found in 1919. Initially the company focused on the carburetor body, stationary engines, and motorcycle production at the company’s founder met Geoffrey de Freville. It was Freville, who released a design for a 4-cylinder engine that showed aluminum pistons and pressure lubrication. The idea was ahead of his time. Shortly after, the first model was called the 10/30 and became an instant favorite with the public. The company quickly built a reputation for performance and quality.

Shortly after, the company has experienced many complaints that the logo used for cars was too similar to the company AVRO aviation, which led to the creation of inverted red triangle with the word “Alvis” he said. A name change followed in 1921 and the company was now officially known as the Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd and production moved to Coventry between 1922 and 1923, Buckingham’s car was born. In 1923, the Company received Captain Smith GT-Clarke (a former employee of Daimler), which catapulted the company to the forefront of automotive engineering. The combination of 25 years will create the history of the car company’s most successful.

In 1927, the six-cylinder 14.75 hp was introduced and shape the future of the long line of premium cars Alvis which flourished until the outbreak of war. The cars show some of the biggest improvements in technology. In 1933, cars today have shown an independent front suspension and the first fully synchronized gearbox in the world. Servo that came later, and the 1930 was also produced cars more and more with the front wheel, brake on board, and a camshaft.

By the time World War II reached in 1939, car production fell. The 12/70, Silver Crest, Speed ??25, and 4.3 liter models resumed production in early 1940, but during the war, a German Luftwaffe attack severely damaged the car plant in Coventry. The war years saw a suspension remaining in the production car until the latter part of 1946. After the war, resumed production cars Alvis TA14 and introduced a four-cylinder model based on pre-war 12/70 model. The car was solid, reliable and visually appealing.

In 1950, a new chassis was developed and a 3-liter six-cylinder has been found that would become the basis of all Alvis models until production ended in 1967 cars. At that time, a wide range of organizations and functions arises under the name Alvis. Modernization of the name and brand Alvis was once again during the 80s, as Alvis Limited became part of Rover. The name has changed hands later, British Leyland from United Scientific Holdings Ltd Alvis Vickers in mid 2000. In 2004, the use of the mark distinctive red triangle ended with BAE Systems.

Alvis car models

The production figures of Alvis cars are rather low, where the largest numbers soared above 3000 units of a model. The first model, the Alvis 10/30 was produced from 1920 to 1923. Just over 600 of these cars left the assembly line. At the same time, the Alvis 11/40 has been marketed. During the decade of 1920, sales generated Alvis Alvis 12/40, Alvis 12/50 (Drophead Coupe), 14.75, Alvis Alvis 12/75 TA (offered with front wheels, sport seats 2, 4 sports safety , sports sedan), and Alvis Silver Eagle 16.95 (2 sports safety blow Drophead Coupé, classroom).

The 1930 Alvis Firefly 12 (1933-1934), who came with a choice of four or six lights in their life patterns. The Alvis Crested Eagle (1933-1940) gave a light sedan 4, 6 light sedan, limousine or selection. Alvis Firebird was introduced in 1935, offers a light 4 piece, 6 light sedan, the convertible, and excerpts from Sports Tourer.

In the 1960s, only 48 of the Alvis TC 21/100 Lady Grey (sports saloon, Drophead Coupe) was produced and only 37 Alvis TC 108 / G on the market. Additional cars to follow Alvis Alvis TD 21 includes, Alvis TE 21, and Alvis TF 21, which offers all the doors and has 2 living rooms Drophead Coupe.

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