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Models of cars have been around for some time. Although I must admit that going through the phase of putting them together. Even as I write this, I can think of some of the boxes I’d like to take the shelves at the local store and slowly rebuild. Also, I must confess that my patience was not good. But as with anything else I’ve gathered, there was one thing he always has.

I always tried to know the origin of the object. What’s your story? When people start their collection? Maybe I wanted to see if my elders were collecting some of the things themselves, or sometimes you might have been looking to see what crowd was an old mine. However, everything has a story and models of cars and the collection of them is no different. So where did it start? Read on!

Birth of Model Cars

In 1900, shortly after the actual car was first introduced, Germany began to produce what would be designated as the type of the first car. At that time, because it was wartime, the only people who could afford these toys really were the son of wealthy businessmen. These cars were called tin models. Die casting first time, however, would not arrive until late 1920 or early 1930. In 1950, toy companies in Japan were the production of these goods.

Model Cars Go Mainstream

The type of car companies have experienced a drought in the 1960s because it is too expensive to produce these things. The products were not expensive, was the cost of employment which led to lower production of these models. Today everyone likes to collect these old models when it first came out. Many businesses closed, while some moved to new products that were made either of plastic or later switch to the new radio control cars. At the end of the madness, there were only four countries still produce kits. They are the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. As time passed, each company has added more details of their models.

The transition to the modern era

Then in 1970, Italy has burst onto the scene with a bang model. They lowered their prices, but still produces luxury cars. Added more details. Everyone attending this brand. This brought more adults at the scene when it became more complicated to set up models. In the 1980 and 1990, these manufacturers to the west, where it was cheaper to produce. Most markets have created. And now with the progress of the World Wide Web, you can even buy online these babies!

The type of car has come a long way. It has helped some children liaison with parents that the rise of adding detail each model was performed. The cars can be painted any color you want them to be. And recently, the United States have set up businesses to produce these collectible toys too. Make a great brand that is still some leisure. Young and old, men and women are the pride in the time and dedication it takes to put together.

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