Airbus A400M Military Tanker Transport is Too Big to Fail?

A very interesting thing is happening in the EU. You see, before the global economic crisis and the crisis, many countries have already committed and ordered the A400M military transport EADS, Airbus Military Division. Including all the nations that are considered PIIGS – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain – in the worst financial state with respect to debt – and as you know Greece was bailed out by the IMF, but kept their orders for A400M is a major expense.

It appears that a country that is on the verge of bankruptcy, and pay super high interest rates on the money you just borrowed, and whose citizens protesting in the streets due to austerity austerity measures – have canceled aircraft orders. Is there a door case, France and Germany to ensure that aircraft orders remain intact if you really voted for the bailout?

If this is the case, then I would say the A400M military transport ship is actually a program that is considered by the EU as TBTF. This is rather unfortunate and should scare investors away from buying bonds of EU countries. And did you know that the United States should have understood this before giving the green light to the IMF, because the United States is on the hook for 19% of the IMF, or about $ 54 billion in the Greek bailout.

This is the money of the taxpayers who support analysts meaningless, and the economic sense that Greece will default eventually anyway. Therefore, the American taxpayer is actually buying a large part of the Greek military transport aircraft? Yes, in a roundabout way we are. Please consider all this.

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