AC-130 gun ship; Bring on the THEL in heaven

The United States of America under the strong leadership of President George W. Bush asked the Air Force and the US Air Force the most powerful in the world able to carry weapons boats AC-130 to assist in the war on terror. In fact, they are currently in the process now. Why is a big deal you ask?

Well, the AC-130 gun ship attack aircraft Vietnam era. It is a C-130 Hercules aircraft very hard and resistant cargo loading in rapid-fire weapons. These weapons can establish a round of 20 mm, not 8-inch square of a football field in less than a minute. It is quite possibly could be the deadliest air on the planet.

This concept is a superior to use against international terrorists who threaten world peace with its deadly acts of violence weapon. The world is tired of these international terrorists and murderers President brings in Big Guns, and flies. Impressed yet? Well, do not be, because it is still a great weapon on the horizon. A Thel in the sky! What do you ask?

Well consider this a high-energy laser weapon. It’s a Star Wars laser chemical type like in the movies and the Research Laboratory of the United States Air Force has completed the concept and a working model is ready for use. If you think the AC-130 gun ship is deadly with all his “Shock and Awe” You’re right, my friend, that is nothing short of hell on earth. But he thinks that the second round is reserved for international terrorists?

High-energy laser weapons airborne with the same precision pin point accuracy and no mortal shells to collect after he fires his laser fury on the enemy who thinks he can dictate to the world his vision of disease of civilization. It let’s face the most dangerous job in the world not drive a taxi in New York the other hand, is an international terrorist murderer, that their life expectancy is close to zero and, as melt and vaporize into oblivion. It will be as if they never existed in the first place. Consider this in 2006.

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