A biodiesel Jet fighter

Well, finally we saw the video of a private Czech fighter plane which was flown into the cooking oil, probably not the first. I think at the end of the Third Reich tried to steal his Messerschmitt 262 interceptors was all they could find turns jet engine. However, it’s pretty cool from the standpoint of biofuels for a plane flies cooking oil.

The other day we were joking about it in the line of reflection, first calling the world of French aviation Fry Fry or stolen freedom, depending on how you feel about the French and the main bus Air. One may wonder if this little Czech fighter plane felt like a fried VAT McDonalds during takeoff? Just think if you were throwing things and started shooting and suddenly your whole team was hungry and dirt was removed from the Golden Arches to see Ronald McDonald?

In the US, there have been many people who have become Diesel Motors to run out of the shortening and cooking oil and are able to do this using special filters to remove all slag and debris from used cooking oil. Remember that it is basically kerosene Jet Fuel is almost identical to diesel fuel, so if you can run a truck or trailer of thing, then it is likely that a couple of additives, and good filtering can fly a plane reaction also.

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