3 steps to create a perforated filter motorcycle exhaust tube

Fewer things in the world are more satisfying than a deep guttural growl of a powerful motorcycle. Whether you’re dealing with a business 450cc 1100cc motorcycle or bicycle, to the exhaust pipe to the right, it can really improve performance and sound. This is not to mention how a bike is an exhaust gas shiny stainless steel. However, motocross and road bike aftermarket manufacturers know how much you love a great escape. That’s why they try to charge as much as they could pay for the bike itself. Some straight systems, called drift tubes, can cost over $ 1,000. That’s a straight length of metal tube. With a little know-how and to perforated pipe filter, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. Here’s how.

1. Start with the tubes

There are two types of bends. crushing curves are, as the name suggests, the tubes are crushed when they are bent. curves are smooth curves chuck without undulations. These ridges in the metal causes turbulence increases agitation and deprives energy of the motorcycle. If possible, get bent mandrel tubes. You will not regret the extra expense.

2. Build your Silencer

Then you can proceed to build your silent. This may sound difficult, but it is actually quite simple. A silencer reduces the amount of noise that comes out of his escape, because it slows the gas exiting the pipe. Just a place to send the gas and something to slow down is required.

The muffler is made of a perforated filter pipe, steel tube more to go around, and some ceramic insulation to fill the space. The perforated tube allows escape of gas through dozens of holes instead of only one end of the tube. The gas picture is taken in the ceramic insulation that will slow considerably. The slowdown in the exhaust gas is to reduce noise.

It is probably easier for your filter tube drilled a little smaller than the exhaust pipe, so that it slides into the exhaust and helps create a certain pressure.

3. Putting it all together

So you want to be welded together. You may need to hire a professional to put together for you. Wrap the perforated ceramic wool filter tube and weld in the largest pipe. We have to go. As fast, it has a silencer. You’ll want to solder and quiet house on the end of your tailpipe. You’re ready to roll.

The advantage to making your own silencer is not only monetary. It is likely to save money, but also be able to customize the driving experience. What you just built is called a silent right to difference of a silent room. silencer chambers are filled with baffles that interrupt the gas flow. If you want to further reduce the sound, you can choose a filter tube and drilled in its base silent.

Building your own muffler is a quick and easy way to control the way your bike rides and how it sounds.

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