2002 History of BMW

The 2002 BMW from the late 1960s and early 1970s began the success of the company and has led to the successful Series 3. In 1963, BMW had discussed the need to enter new market niches, ranging from strong light and compact two-door car. If you are looking to buy a BMW 2002, we hope to understand the context of cars in history will help in your final decision.

A great success for the powerful and agile car, the “02” before developed and established new standards for small cars. They were the vehicle of choice for many drivers and participated with great success in touring car races around the world, helping to restore the image of BMW sport he had enjoyed in the 1930s.

The emphasis on a wheelbase car door short two benefit handling, lighter body, helping to improve performance, while the two-door rather give a sporty look. The two-door sedan, it was not long for the class design with four doors new short wheelbase two inches to 98.4 inches. The interior has been redesigned to meet by Wilhelm Hofmeister, while the front of the car suffered minor facelift. Most undercarriage were provided by current four-door sedans, although a narrow gauge rear axle, which is equal to the front and rear two-door model. It was decided to launch the car with 1573 cc “1600” engine, and decided to call 1600-2 (figure 2 standing for two doors).

Launched in March 1966, the 1600-2 was immediately recognized as a winner. The lightweight body of the car is almost as fast as the 1800 sedan, while adding a great sport ingredient missing in most cars. The automotive press has been unable to resist the comparison with Alfa Romeo sports cars, which are suitable to the needs of BMW. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 1967, it announced an even sportier – the 1600ti – with a dual carburetor engine with 105 hp.

In late 1960, BMW were considering giving her two doors of another engine in the form of a ratio of 2-liter four-cylinder 1600ti. Shortly after announcing the 1600-2, Alex Falkenhausen had a 2-liter engine with an example in the car for their own use. Regardless, BMW Planning Director Helmut Werner Bönsch had exactly the same conversion done on your car. Neither knew the other car to the day when two cars were in the workshops of BMW at the same time. Both were very enthusiastic about their 2-liter two-door, and decided to submit a formal proposal to the Council as a BMW model should be considered for production.

The cause was helped by rave reviews for 1600-2 models of American automotive press. BMW were well aware of the importance of selling in a market as large and as yet had a successful model. Hoping to capitalize on the success of criticism, importer Max Hoffman urged BMW to offer a similar model, preferably with even more performance. The only model in the range is the 1600ti. Unfortunately, the dual carburetor engine did not meet new federal emissions regulations Exhaust, and therefore could not be sold in the United States. However, the 100 hp 2-liter engine in the 2000 coupe had been taken to comply with regulations.

The solution was simple, BMW Sales Director Paul Hahnemann was well aware of the needs of the U.S. market, and that is why we support the proposal of a 2-liter version of the two-door selling and distance Despite opposition and 2002 born. There were three “generations” of the BMW 2002 during his eight and a half year production life. The first generation cars were built between 1968 and 1971. The second generation, or model 71, the cars were built between 1971 and 1973. And the third generation, or model 73, the cars were built between 1973 and the end of production in 1976.

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