Alloy Wheels

How to Care for Alloy Wheels

After the engine, the wheels are worth more. The worst part of having to replace the new wheels is to know that there could be a way to save them. Alloy wheels are specially designed to work with the performance of the car and because the alloys are not a pure metal, they can also be lighter.

Most people drive on a daily basis. You might think that there is nothing to worry about because the wheels are made to be strong. Unfortunately, there will always be something that could damage your wheels.

When the car brakes, small fibers of the brake pad will pay and land directly on the steering wheel. These fibers become corrosive when exposed to heat. In this case, the heat will be caused by the friction of the wheels. You can wash the fibers with a tube and avoid corrosion by applying a sealant specifically for alloy rims.

Alloy wheels are very popular. In times of cleaning in time, the value of the car will be maintained. In general, the car should be cleaned because it appeals to the eye of a car enthusiast. Read more »

Michelin Reinvents

History of the hybrid car

Some people believe that the hybrid vehicle started in the early 1900s. In fact, hybrid vehicles have been around longer than they think they are. The principle of hybrid technology was supposed to be in 1665, when Fernando veriest Jesuit and began to work on a plan to create a simple four-wheeled vehicle that could operate steam pulled by a horse. Then, in 1769, when a steam car was invented. Even though this car has the speed of six miles per hour, it is still difficult to keep enough steam for a long distance. Later it was improved when British inventor oros worthy Gurney built a steamboat, which achieved an 85-mile round trip ten. Then in 1893 Moritz von Jacobi sailed an electric boat in the Neva, using an electromagnetic horsepower engine. And in or around this year is when Robert Anderson of Aberdeen, Scotland built the first electric vehicle. However, the vehicle has brought many problems such as the limited range and a battery that was difficult to recharge. It was subsequently improved by David Salomon in 1870 when he developed an electric car with a small electric motor, but he still faces some problems creating a battery that can be easily recharged.

Then in 1879 the first electric railway was built by Dr. Werner von Siemens. The wheels of the vehicle were driven by an electric motor drawing its feed rails that were isolated from the ground and connected to a generator. Also in this decade, 1886 business investors in London gained interest in the development of electric taxis. The design was powered by a 28-cell pasta system that would carry a small electric motor. Despite this, it does not go into regular use. It then arrived in 1888, the company built a car with four passengers for the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, which is powered by a horsepower engine and a 24-cell battery. And that same year, Vol Ma naked in Brighton, England made a three-wheeled electric car. Read more »

the best american car 1960

The best American cars of the sixties

The sixties, was a revolution in the design and performance of the automobile. Of course, if I live long enough, I think you will see 1/4 mile 12 second electric cars that can go beyond the cool car pen of the sixties. There are many innovative things that have been proven in the 60 cars of the 1960s were innovation, beauty and speed.

The 1960s brought the advent of the compact car. The Valiant, Dodge Dart, Ford Falcon, Chevy Corvair (rear engine), Buick Skylark, Pontiac Tempest, Olds, Chevy Nova and American Motors Rambler were some of the manufacturers tried more efficient, less expensive car cars. I had a 1961 Pontiac Tempest with 3 on the ground and what was actually a half V8. It was a nice little chick and apple red apple. Corvair my aunt took the cake with her touch sports car and the rear engine. Darts and other Mopars worked forever and were so easy to maintain.

An innovation of the 1960s was the introduction of every automaker by creating a series of large, medium and small cars to meet the needs of the United States. Fins, ball lights, pushbutton transmissions, better radios with cassette players or track 8, were expected yearning for the public every year. Some even readers. The air conditioner has been developed in efficiency as well. Large and small block V8 grew and grew. Read more »


Tips for buying used trailers for sale

Going camping is a great way to relax and reconnect with nature. However, not everyone is in the shot of a tent with sleeping bags. Even if you do not have a lot of money to spend, there are many trailers for sale, and you can find one if you know what to look for.


When you begin your search for motor homes for sale, you want to take your time. The fact that it looks good does not mean that it is in good mechanical condition. Road safety should be your first priority. Be sure to examine the motor home before you buy.

Start by looking under the trailer and checking the rust pattern. If there is a significant amount, this means that the foundation is not solid. I could sell at any time in the future. In addition to rust, look for cracks, impact damage or broken seal. If you see one of these things, go ahead. Read more »

Pontiac Lemans 1975

Car parts that can cost

Automotive parts. Something I really do not believe much. We buy our good new shiny Honda or jeep or Lexus or another and we pray for it to always work without any problem. And if there is a problem, we hope that the repair is not too expensive and that parts can be found relatively easily.

Welcome to the real world.

The sale of auto parts is one of the largest industries in the world. This makes sense since almost everyone in the world has a car, except perhaps in underdeveloped countries. Some parts of the car will wear out rather quickly because the oil filters. Some last a bit longer as brake pads and pads. And then you have parts that thank God do not wear out very often at all as transmissions or cars would be impossible to keep cost wise. Read more »

The pontiac GTO 1965

The 1965 Pontiac GTO Classic

In the country where muscle cars were born, the Pontiac GTO was the first and still the most famous of them all. Before 1964, the year of the arrival of the GTO in the market, high performance cars were full-size hard roofs and sedans equipped with the biggest boosters on the market. They were slow to get going, but once they went, it took off like a rocket, in most cases.

The Pontiac GTO changed all that. Back in the day, the so-called hot rodders knew that if they wanted to go faster, they had to go smaller and that’s what General Motors did with the GTO option. The automaker does not even promote the car early, without even putting a brochure on it until it has succeeded. Sales of the Pontiac GTO surprised automakers and sent them to fight for successful cloning. Just one year after its market introduction, the 1965 Pontiac GTO sold more than 75,000 cars in a year. This figure was double that in 1964 sold the previous year. Sales were boosted by word of mouth and a Car and Driver magazine article in which a GTO was compared to a Ferrari. Read more »


Is driving a motorhome

Make an appointment with your chosen provider in advance. Some dealers will be able to make a specific testing vehicle available on short notice. The best time is more than enough time to cover all the details, so ask the sales person about planning a route and make any specific request, such as extra freight and passengers. If the result is a demo model, make sure it has the same engine and the same specifications as the model you want to buy.

Used car

If it is an old motorhome you want to try, ask if you can start yourself. If the engine is hot when it arrives, it may have been preheated to hide starting difficulties. If the field day clutch at the top of the pedal travel, it is likely to be used, so ask for a replacement. If administration is carried on one side, monitoring should be adjusted. If there is a large amount of play on the steering wheel, the steering gear can be used and is quite serious.

Drive test

Test drive using the maximum number of passengers who are likely to be in charge of a normal trip. Check that the feet can touch the ground. Is there enough space for an extra child seat? The heater or air conditioner that will be ready to operate in extreme conditions? If possible, simulate a full load – if it is a garage model, ask the dealer if you can load your bike or motorcycle to see how the motorhome is facing weight distribution. If you like driving with a full tank of water, ask to fill it. The ideal is to visit a scale to check the weight of the caravan, either empty or, better yet, with his kit on it. (Remember that many weighing bridges must be booked in advance.) Read more »

Buick GSX 1970

Classic ten muscle cars

With the popularity of films like The Fast and The Furious, Gone in Sixty Seconds and The Last Ride, there was some reference to the old muscle cars, which have been immortalized in films like Bullit, Vanishing Point and of course the dukes and many Curves This list of the ten has a look at some of the muscle car icons born since the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The main criterion of these cars is power, with power in horsepower (CV) is the most widely used term. What this means is the power released by the engine before the gearbox, generator, differential, water pump and other components know its power. If you are accustomed to Kilovatios, then take into consideration that 250kw translates 335.26bhp.

The 1969 Pontiac GTO

Conceptualized to win the appeal to the younger market, Pontiac put a 6.3-liter V8 engine in the medium-sized temporary tank, to make a cheap fast car. To the surprise of the marketing team of the Pontiac GTO became popular in 1969 and it has a V8 engine of 6.5 liters that could expel at 366bhp. Judge was born.

Buick GSX 1970

Again the idea here was to crush a beast of an engine into a medium-sized body, in this case the Buick Skylark. In 1967, the Buick GS has been recognized as an independent model available as a sedan and convertible. Read more »

Morris Garages

History Morris Garages

MG, a native name “Morris Garages”, is a car manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. MG has focused specifically on the production of two sports car seats, which were produced at its factory near Oxford, initially. Although MG mainly produces two sports car seats, it also produces other styles of cars, including coupe and sedan. The MG car production at its finishing plant in Abingdon eighties, with the reversal of the brand seen with various changes faster cars coming and going years.

Automobile manufacturing began life at Alfred Lane, Oxford, Wood carving Morris cars. The small business has gone through a period of transition as demand has increased, and local ones where they were not enough to meet demand. The company then moved to Bainton Road, a facility that was used to create Morris radiators, with the two entities sharing space. Continued growth of the company resulted in another move to a larger facility, Cowley Factory, which is adjacent to Morris’s main plant. Now a relatively large entity, the company has become the MG car company, a name derived from “Morris Garages”. The new factory has its own production line, a new concept for the company.

Read more »

Classic Sport Car

A story about sports cars

In today’s world, sports cars are fast, furious and very stylish. They can be fun to own and fun to drive. Of course, they are expensive and should be kept in excellent condition. They must be well maintained and protected from weather conditions. For this reason, it is always advisable to protect it with a car cover or inside the parking lot. This would help to protect the vehicle from the weather and dust. Coverage also ensures that you do not have to wash your car every weekend before taking on a long drive.

In the United States, the popularity of sports cars took a little time to catch up, but over time people began to realize the power of these high end cars and their popularity grew like wildfire. It has been said that these are the American soldiers of World War II who received the booming market, after their return from Europe. Europeans drive sports cars at that time because of their road infrastructure, they offered great handling as well as energy efficiency. The moment the soldiers began to return from the war, they began to look for these fast cars in the market, but they have not had in America. In fact, no manufacturer was aware that this type of car would demand at any time. Consequently, the importation of these vehicles has increased by a fairly large margin. The most popular type was Morris Garages. The car was versatile, small and yet easy to maintain. Read more »

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