Mercedes Benz Classic

Mercedes Benz Classic

Benz 3-wheel cars revealed to the world in 1886 in the Mercedes-Benz 170 of 1931, announced the first car of excellence, Mercedes-Benz has represented the pinnacle of luxury. 1950, the 300 SL Gullwing, called the world’s first “supercar” and the 220 sedan with a friction value are the two most coveted by the current classic Mercedes-Benz vehicle collectors used or used, and Mercedes-Benz has maintained Its mark as the pinnacle of luxury in the automobile.

The 1963 600 limousine with V8 engine and 300HP, and the 300 SEL-Class that had speed from zero to one hundred in seven seconds have been classified as safe, luxury luxury cars. The opulent Class S sedan introduced the first anti-lock brakes. 1980 brought the first airbags and traction control with the E-Class 190. All 1950-1970 models are used coveted Mercedes-Benz if classic car buyers can find them. Read more »


Mercedes-Benz: The tradition and the progress of the trust

What is the origin of trust? According to the dictionary, it is the belief in honest, fair and trustworthy properties that someone or something. According to their “Trucks you can trust” motto of Mercedes-Benz and is the promise that was given more than 100 years ago and has never been broken since.

It all began in 1896 when Gottlieb Daimler, founder of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, decided the future of freight transport by delivering the world’s first truck. The truck was basically a motorized cart, equipped with a 2-cylinder “Phoenix” engine built into the rear end. The engine generates 4 rooms with a capacity of 1.1 liters and provides power for 1500 kg payload.

In 1923, another German automobile engineer, Karl Benz designed a 4-cylinder diesel truck engine. His company, Benz & Cie, was the first to launch series production of diesel engines for industrial vehicles. Shortly after, in 1926, Daimler and Benz merged their companies to produce automobiles, motor vehicles and internal combustion engines. All machines, including trucks, began to carry the name of Mercedes-Benz and carry the emblem of a star with three branches. Meanwhile, all diesel engines run on low-grade fuels, reached the “OM” index, which means “olmotor”, ie engine oil. Read more »

Mercedes-Benz Hatchback

An advantage for the Mercedes-Benz Hatchback Class

There is only one word to describe a Class A Mercedes-Benz SUV; beautiful. Its elegant nose, with delicious after-supply almost suddenly, highly respected German countryside brings with it a Zephyr fresh air much needed for the five-door category.

Mercedes-Benz is not a manufacturer that would have never expected to branch out in the compact family car world. Providing majestic and dignified cars that were at the forefront of the notion of public luxury and exclusivity, Mercedes have shown that there is more to their brand since astronomical prices and unusually large bumper.

With the slowing economy, the used car market has seen a boom in popularity that has led to many cars that were previously inaccessible to even the most meager budgets. A rear window Mercedes-Benz continues to offer quality and elegance for much less than the original price.

I’m not looking for a new car right now but I did not spend an invitation to try out a model for research purposes. Although I am a big 4×4 fan (my discovery and conquered most of the way around the lands), there is something about the appeal of a Merc, to which even the most biased brand hobbyist is subjected. Read more »

Mercedes Benz

Top 4 ways your Mercedes Benz car baby

You spent money on this amazing machine, and nothing is too good for your baby. However, as a practical matter, babying your Mercedes Benz gives you a nice ride, as long as you own it, and helps preserve the resale value. Here are five things to do.

First, change the oil regularly. There is nothing easier than you can do for your Mercedes Benz, so try the engine. Fresh oil does the job.
However, how often is it “regular”? It was used every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But if Mobil 1 is used in its Mercedes (and its engineers say it should), the engine of progress in the last decade or so have made “regular” does not appear very often. Most Mercedes models, even in the high end, say that you can change the oil between 10,000 and 15,000 miles. Hey, engineers have designed their machine well, so maybe they can rely on what they say about oil changes.

Secondly, you should wash and dry your Mercedes properly. You spent a hefty amount on your Mercedes cars, and it does not take away the magic to ruin your paint job. Washing and drying will help preserve the paint.

Washing a Mercedes is not an exact science, but here are some specific things to keep in mind: Read more »

Mercedes Xenon

Mercedes Xenon – For bright lights and safer driving experience

Owning a Mercedes is a matter of prestige. It is necessary to take great effort to keep it in good condition. The headlights of cars are also a striking feature in their overall appearance.

Halogen lights have become a history of the past nowadays as xenon lights are used more and more and they prefer xenon lamps use xenon gas to emit light. Xenon gas is odorless and colorless gas emits brighter, more white light that comes in contact with the electric current and are able to cover a large surface area of ​​the length and width. Xenon headlights offer multiple benefits such as a brighter light and covering a wider area of ​​the road makes the driving experience much safer and safer, especially at night.

With Xenon headlights specific car model available in the market today, you can always go for Mercedes and Xenon. In case you are interested in installing xenon lights on your Mercedes, you have to go to concealed the xenon conversion kit. With most conversion kits available online, you need to find a suitable kit that is designed and developed for your car model. If you buy the hid xenon conversion kit online be sure to compare and combine each of the connections with those that are actually present in your Mercedes car. Read more »

Mercedes headlamps

Mercedes headlamps to improve vision

When we want to upgrade any Mercedes car, the first thing that comes to mind is to change your headlights. It is a well-known fact that different forms of light give your vehicle an attractive appearance. By the beauty of the front of the vehicle, headlights play a very important role and taillights enhance the beauty of the back of your vehicle. The lights not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but are also important for safety and security.

Mercedes HID headlight bulbs contain xenon gas. It is a colorless, odorless gas that emits whiter light responding to the power supply. The light emitted by these lights is three times more white than that emitted by a standard car to a halogen light. This light covers an ever larger range. In addition, it consumes 40% less energy than other car lights. It takes the ballast to install Mercedes xenon headlights. Ballast is used since it acts as a power station for the bulb. The electric current emitted by the xenon lamp is controlled by the ballast. It also provides better drizzle at night and snow. Read more »

Mercedes Benz AMG

Accessories for Mercedes Benz AMG

There are many of us who care about our vehicles and Mercedes Benz AMG owners are no exception.

Mercedes Benz AMG accessories are manufactured specifically for the make and model of your car instead of starting it is cheap to fit any car out there. This will provide you with the best elements for your Mercedes Benz AMG that offer the best quality and service that you can get. Mercedes websites describe what are available for your car or car you want accessories.

There are several Mercedes Benz AMG accessories that you should consider essential to your car, including a total of car cover covers and seats. You will not regret choosing Mercedes Benz AMG accessories like these when the weather turns wild.

Car cover is an essential accessory of Mercedes Benz AMG. Car covers protect your car items when you do not have a garage. They can also be helpful in reducing the number of times you have to wash the car. Driving a Mercedes Benz means it should be kept clean.

You can also buy a special car cover that are designed to protect your car against specific items in your area. Mercedes Benz accessories are considered some of the best that you can buy so you do not have to worry about sun damage or damage to your pets or children when you use one of these quality auto covers. Read more »

rental caravan

Rental caravans offer a unique travel experience

If you want to go on a trip that takes you off the beaten path, where tourists rarely, the best way to do this is to rent motorhome rentals and spend your holidays on the road. Renting mobile homes for rent is not as expensive as staying in hotels, hostels or B & B accommodation, and this is definitely a step up from hiking and sleeping in the countryside grounds.

Rental caravans offer great convenience to tourists, especially those who travel with small children on their backs. However, knowing a little about the RV or motor home will go a long way toward making your motor home vacation truly memorable.

The advantages of motorhomes for rent

Why motorhomes rent or motor homes, which are ideal for a long vacation? Motor homes are literally mini-houses on wheels. A fully equipped camper van is full of amenities that ensure comfort for passengers. It would have a small kitchen where you could prepare meals. It would have a TV and a DVD player, and maybe a satellite TV transmitter. Even your own bathroom with shower and toilet. Many campers even have a dining set and an outdoor bbq kitchen. Read more »

solar energy

Tips For Campers Who Want To Use Solar Energy

Solar power is a popular choice among caravans and people who have motor homes, and there is little surprise why. Not only do these solutions save a significant amount of money on energy for frugal travelers, but it also means total independence when traveling, which is even better.

Of course, solar products to choose from in the market are many, and selecting the right solar panels can be difficult for anyone not fully informed about the technology and the advances made all the time in the field . In that spirit, here are some tips for all caravanner finding solar caravan solutions, but do not know where to turn.

First, it is absolutely essential to read everything you can about the best products and best practices for using solar solutions and other energy solutions in transportation. There are many signs on the market and many solar systems and other energy systems that are essential to power your caravan.

Knowledge is power, and this is true in a market, there is a lot of information and a lot of problems in deciding what information is valid or not. It is advisable to seek advice from the clubs and associations of caravans and solar experts to be fully informed about the options available to you at any time. Read more »

boiler services

5 reasons why you should have your boiler with services

When the cold begins to show your unpleasant face, we all know that it will not be long before the central heating in the home is turned on to keep warm. Sometimes he did not decide to work and you have to find someone who knows how to solve it.

A very small percentage of people who have fulfilled their boiler every year without fail, are the people who are preparing for the coldest months, knowing that when they need the heating it will be all right.

Most people seem to forget that these days or it is not worth having the boiler service until it decomposes. The boiler is just like a car, you need to check the car and oil added, if necessary, otherwise the time will lock.

I have listed five reasons below why you should have boiler overhaul.

One of the main reasons why your boiler should be maintained every year is safety. When a service is performed, the exhaust flue is controlled to prevent leakage. If a leak in the smoke pipe is found, it could produce carbon monoxide in the room where the boiler is located, and we all know how life can be dangerous.

We all like to keep warm in the winter months, but we can imagine coming home from work on a very cold night to find that your house is cold because the boiler has stopped. Read more »

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