Peugeot RCZ

Peugeot RCZ Independent Car Review

The French, or as guard Willie refers to them, the “cheese-eating monkeys” (Google it), are recognized around the world as one of the most elegant crops. We were given the likes of Coco Chanel, Catherine Deneuve and simply stunning Brigitte Bardot, who had the most individual style that David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and, although this is hard to believe, I wear.

This has always been the same for their fashion houses! Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Christian Lacroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier, while the rest of the world (with the exception of Italy, which is the only country that can compete with the French here) must be content with names like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Next and Primark. Although I have heard that Primark is the new Prada … Read more »

New Peugeot

New Peugeot – Visit your local dealer

Peugeot is now one of the most popular car manufacturers in Europe. This has much to do with Peugeot’s unique classic styling range vehicles and the practical energy efficiency they provide. Peugeot dealers have something for everyone in their showroom and in their part of the MPV Superminis. This means that if you need a vehicle for a large family or you will save money for your work, Peugeot has what you need. The Peugeot sales staff at your local dealer can help you determine which vehicle is best suited to your lifestyle.

Peugeot dealer sales staff members are highly trained and qualified to provide you, consumers of consumer cars, with the best advice and guidance when selecting a vehicle for your needs. Maybe you do not know if a new or used one would be the best for you. Your distributor can help you decide what will be best for your budget and your lifestyle. It is a win-win situation with the purchase of Peugeot. Even after the sale, you can count on the service staff to manage your Peugeot with care. Read more »

Peugeot models

Overview of Peugeot models

The Peugeot 206 was created in early 1990 with the replacement of the previous model 205. Peugeot changed its model under the idea that super mini cars were no longer profitable, so a change was the end. The Peugeot 206 did not immediately follow Peugeot 205 models 106, 306 and 309 to capture different levels of sales to potential customers. The Peugeot 106 competed with the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo 306 and 309 models that have the average sales and highest stop 205. Because of this, many fans believe Peugeot 206 should have been named 207. 206 Although it was created earlier, Was published in 1998.

The painter Peugeot says that 206 immediately followed the 205, but it is not true, while other models have been published before 206. The final successor, 207, was finally released in 2006, but Peugeot recently announced that 206 remained in Production until 2010. The Peugeot 206 is the best-selling of all time, but the end of the model in the coming years with time will generate “06” Peugeot cars about 20 years. The 206 was produced for the first time in France and England, but production has changed in Slovakia. The closure of the UK plant corresponded to the closure of the Ryton plant that Peugeot took over when Peugeot bought the European division of Chrysler in 1979. Read more »

McLaren MP4-12C Review

McLaren MP4-12C Review – A Car Racing Your Way

Claiming that their goal was so easy to win, Ron Dennis of McLaren Automotive launched the new MP4-12C. With the record of McLaren history, no one seems even close to daring to doubt this claim by Ron Dennis. At the launch, the honor belonged to both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button to free the car from its coverage. This car is supplied with drive means and a carbon fiber chassis. Certainly, no other automaker on Earth could do the same.

In this McLaren based manufacturer in Britain, it is a moment of pride. And to prove it, Dennis tried to seduce those who came to the start-up, showing videos to the 2 world champions 2 F1 public mentioned above. The videos showed that Lewis and Jenson have participated in the McLaren MP4-12C research team, which managed to handle the Goodwood circuit for a pair of solid black MP4-12C prototypes. Read more »

McLaren F1

McLaren F1 and the future of McLaren F1!

The McLaren F1 team hopes to add another world title to Lewis Hamilton CV. After 10 years in the desert, they also desperately want to win the manufacturer’s title. The last time he won Mika Hakkinen was leading for the first of his two driver titles. In 10 years, Renault and Ferrari dominated the championship, leaving McLaren consistently second or third on the list!

Now that Lewis Hamilton has proven himself a winner at McLaren, his chances of repeating his success in the next few years are high to say the least. While his victory in the championship was surrounded by controversy, he still has the test procedure he can win.

Allow me a moment to define the testing procedure. This is essentially the fact that you have achieved a certain task and it gives you so convinced that you are able to replicate this task again. For example, if you are going to win a race, once you won the first race, your second race will not be as difficult as you have established the test procedure. Now you can replicate this success instead of creating from scratch, since you had before, when you had not won a race or test procedure was non-existent. Read more »

sports car

McLaren F1 sports car

One of the most famous sports cars and the most innovative in the world that has produced to date, the McLaren F1 broke the record to become the fastest production car ever achieved. Produced at age nine-nine to ninety-eight, the car still has the record for being the world’s fastest NA engine production car, though another three production cars hit its top speed in F1. McLaren was a milestone in car production, with a top speed of two hundred and forty miles per hour.

An extremely lightweight, nearly streamlined body, the car can still compete with today’s high performance cars, even with a decade of technological progress since the creation of F1. The six-liter BMW V12 was extremely powerful and produced more than five hundred and fifty horses. Although the car is equipped and designed for performance and, in fact, a race car edition that won the nine nine to ninety-five Le Mans, the interior has been designed with ease of use . Read more »

McLaren 12C Velocita

The MP4-12C Velocita McLaren with CDR and carbon fiber rims

After taking a few years off of construction cars, McLaren returned with many momentum holders flying with two new high-end vehicles, the first being the new MP4-12C. The new super mid engine spacecraft offers an excellent daily dynamic mix of driving and driving characteristics with a performance that they do at home on the track or on the road. The new MP4-12C reaches dealerships around the world for over six months and several aftermarket adjustment companies have already designed and produced new upgrade programs for them. One company, DMC Tuning in Germany, decided to wait and work to refine its upgrade program to produce the best upgrade program for the new super car. Flame “Velocita”, the new carbon fiber upgrade program includes aerodynamic body work, a new exhaust system and COR light alloy wheels forged aluminum.

The first part of the new update program that was discussed was the aerodynamics of the McLaren MP4-12C. The German company put the market point has developed a carbon fiber kit using advanced CAD software and testing the long wind tunnel to create a functional option with OEM equipment. The new body kit consists of a new template before using new input inserts and a divider to generate traffic jam on the front axle and improve cooling radiators before and braking system. A couple of new side skirts can redirect the air away from the new COR game wheels at the rear and reduce the super car resistance.

The Velocita MP4-12C rear has a new double wing diffuser to help create a suction effect with the pavement and a large rear spoiler at the top of the engine that generates strength again without increasing resistance.

Read more »


Mercedes-Benz sold 82,000 vehicles worldwide

In the news: Mercedes-Benz Car Group has recently announced that it has sold 82,000 vehicles worldwide, including Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars. This sale is only for the month of February 2007, but the automaker said it is lower compared to the 83,800 units it sold in the same month of 2006.

The first two months of the year, Mercedes-Benz was able to record a sale of 156,500 units of vehicles, of which 78,000 are passenger vehicles sold worldwide resulting in a three percent increase over the same month Last year when the manufacturer has sold only 76,100 units. Similarly, the number of vehicles delivered to customers in the first two months of this year has provided the automaker an eight percent increase in the amount of 151,500 units compared to the same period last year with only 140,600 units . Read more »

mercedes tuning

The Mercedes Tuning – What are the Reasons to Adjust Your Vehicle?

We are very aware of the fire fuel prices in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to give your Mercedes, so it offers great mpg. There are many reasons for the Mercedes agreement as better acceleration, better torque, greater economy, more power, cleaner engine etc.

We have seen a rapid growth of technology in the field of automotive. Super chip adaptation technology was developed especially for high end cars like Mercedes. The fit is effective for the gasoline and diesel version of the car. It will ensure that your car gives the best performance and without any hassle. Read more »

Mercedes Car

Why Mercedes cars for sale are a great car to buy

There are not many Mercedes cars on sale mostly because they are so popular and in recent years, Mercedes has not only become an old Mans car but a style car and elegance that is why you will not find not many of them for sale. Previously, if a Mercedes has come for sale, it was because the owner was too old for lead!

So finding a Mercedes car that meets your needs is hard work from the start, but I can only see this as a good thing. Mercedes purchase a purely refined car as the Porsche has remained the same over the years and only changed subtly! The Mercedes team did not do it because they are lazy but they did this because they know what works and works well hairstyle. Read more »

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